A word from the president



“In an ever-evolving world, being able to rely on solid institutions that have successfully stood the test of time and that keep an eye on their main priorities – their clients and their employees – is paramount.

It is one of the key strengths of Lussier Dale Parizeau. “

André Lussier
Chairman of the Board of Directors




“In 2015, following the acquisition of Dale Parizeau Morris Mackenzie, LUSSIER Insurance firm became Lusier Dale Parizeau”.

Our core values of excellence and complementarity guide us in our role as broker-advisers in insurance and financial services and in consolidating the quality of our service.

True to these pPatrice-Jeanrinciples, we are committed to offer peace of mind to our clients, consisting of individuals as well as businesses and professional groups.

We mobilize our broad expertise to thoroughly protect our clients and their assets, and we represent them in their best interest in our wide network of insurers.

Whether in car, home, commercial, group insurance or other, our 700 skilled and experienced employees are our strength and our pride.

For all these reasons, I invite you to experience the Lussier Dale Parizeau service! “

Patrice Jean
President and Chief Operating Officer