The Insurance Profession

Be it a motorcycle accident, water infiltration, theft of valuable goods, damage to your car – it is unfortunately impossible to prevent the unpredictable! Thankfully, there’s an ideal solution to protect you from these situations, and it’s called insurance!

There are several dozen insurance companies in Quebec alone. How do you choose the right insurer and products when you have so many choices? Just call Lussier Dale Parizeau, the leading brokerage firm in the province!

Broker – an Added Value

Direct insurers are focused on selling their products, whereas we – as a brokerage firm – are first and foremost concerned with your needs. Our job is to analyze your situation, contact insurers, and then find you the best policy on the market.

We’ve developed an expertise in speciality markets, which is why we’re ideal consultants for both business and personal insurance. With Lussier Dale Parizeau, you’re guaranteed advice from experienced brokers.

From Quote to Claim

A broker’s job isn’t over after advising and finding you the right insurance product. Your broker becomes an indispensable long-term partner who will continue to recommend the best solutions for you according to your changing needs: moving, purchasing a new property or vehicle, starting up and expanding a business, etc. And when you need to make a claim for any reason, your broker will work closely with you until you receive your compensation.

You can count on Lussier Dale Parizeau brokers for their support and advice!