Mission / Vision / Value

Lussier Dale Parizeau is century-old firm that stood the test of time and became Quebec’s largest private and independent financial services firm thanks to relentless efforts, evolution and innovation. Our strong values have allowed us to reach this position, and true to these principles, we give our very best every single day to serve our clients.

Our Mission

As industry leader, we are committed to offering each of our clients a unique superior experience and comprehensive and easy-to-understand advice on all insurance products and financial services.

Our values

  • Excellence

    Our insurance brokers are experienced and have developed specialized capabilities. With excellence as their only standard, they constantly improve their skills thanks to LUSSIER University, an in-house and integrated training centre – an industry first.

  • Innovation

    We are driven by our clients’ best interest. This is why we offer products that are at the forefront of the insurance and financial services industry in Quebec. Be ready to be amazed!

  • Thoroughness

    Diligence and discipline are your best allies when it comes to protecting your personal and business assets. We believe that these core values are the basis of a service of exceptional quality.

  • Integrity

    Integrity and honesty are key values that govern all of our relationships – be it with clients, suppliers, colleagues or within our local communities. We are committed not only abide by the rules of our industry, but also to be honest, proactive and outreach of complex concepts that characterize our industry.

  • Team spirit

    Commitment to our clients is at the heart of our operations, and is achieved as a team. Day after day, we pool our strengths and expertise to offer them the best service, the best products and the most enjoyable client experience.