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The Professional Liability Team | November 4, 2019

Chronicle No 3: Cyber Risks and the Law

In Canada, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner ensures compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This applies, in particular, to all federal works, undertakings and businesses engaged in commercial activities involving the interprovincial or international disclosure of personal information.  Federal works, undertakings and businesses that handle personal information must comply …Continue reading

The Professional Liability Team | October 3, 2019

Chronicle No 2: Cyber Risks…How to Protect Yourself

Any company may face cyber risks, whether in the form of personal employee information or confidential customer or supplier information. The consequences are numerous: penalties for violating information protection laws and regulations or damages claims (unauthorized disclosure or use of information); loss of productivity (denial of service attack, blocked access to the Internet or computer …Continue reading