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The Professional Liability Team | February 12, 2020

Chronicle No 6: Cyber Risk and Insurance: The Difference is Sometimes Measured in the Smallest Details (John Pawson, architect)

There is a tendency to believe that all cyber-risk insurance products on the market are similar. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. While it is true that the core of coverage is often similar from one insurer to another, it is the details that differentiate adequate coverage from superior coverage. Let’s look …Continue reading

The Professional Liability Team | January 15, 2020

Chronicle No 5: Cyber Risks and Insurance: Spotlight on Business Interruption and Social Engineering Fraud

In our last column, we highlighted two types of coverage that are now found in most cyber-risk insurance policies, but which have traditionally been the subject of “property” and “theft and misappropriation” policies: business interruption and social engineering fraud. Business Interruption This coverage is intended to compensate for the loss of income that an insured …Continue reading