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Blaze through Winter Trails With a Clear Conscience

Lussier Dale Parizeau | October 8, 2019
Winter is fast approaching much to the delight of snowmobilers who will soon be able to travel thousands of kilometres on Quebec's forested roads. In order to fully enjoy their favourite pastime, snowmobile enthusiasts should be adequately informed about the types of coverages for optimal protection of their vehicles.

Purchase of a Brand New Vehicle

If you are purchasing a brand new snowmobile for the upcoming winter season, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the guarantees and related insurance coverage. Depending on how you use your brand new toy, there are several different types of insurance, basic or complementary, to protect your vehicle during your winter activities. 

Practice your Favourite Activity in Complete Safety

The Off-Road Vehicle Act requires all snowmobile owners to have third party liability insurance. Several situations can occur when it comes to vehicles. In this sense, civil liability insurance protects you in the event of an accident where material or physical damage to other people would result. Thus, the royalties would be paid to the victim by the insurance company itself and not by you.  

In the event of a collision with an object or a rollover of your snowmobile, insurance allows you to be covered if your vehicle was damaged during the incident. It is also possible to protect your snowmobile against theft, vandalism and fire. A broker specialized in this field could help you determine the best insurance choice for you based on your needs.

Are you Entitled to Discounts?

Is your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft or tracking system? Do you have no violations on your driving record? Do you several snowmobiles to insure? You may be eligible for a discount when you purchase snowmobile insurance!

You may benefit from additional discounts if your snowmobile insurance is combined with your home or auto insurance.

The advantage of purchasing snowmobile insurance is the assistance program that provides you with emergency service in case of need. Indeed, this includes the costs of breakdown assistance and backup if you have had an accident during your favourite activity with your recreational vehicle.

For a quote on recreational vehicles adapted to your activities, ask our brokers for their advice – they are in the best position to help you!

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