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Grand Défi Entreprise: a Successful First Edition for Lussier Dale Parizeau Employees

Lussier Dale Parizeau | October 7, 2021
From June 7th to August 27th, 360 employees took part in the very first edition of the (virtual) Grand Défi Entreprise Pierre Lavoie, embracing a healthier and more active lifestyle! The activity was highly motivational and the company is very proud of its employees. There was a great deal of energy shown throughout the challenge; enthusiasm and commitment were the name of the game.

Since the fall of 2020, several wellness initiatives have been underway within the organization, including virtual yoga classes as well as conferences on mental health and stress management related to COVID-19. Management’s desire is to continue to invest in the overall health of its employees through interventions related to their needs. These actions lead to a corporate culture that promotes the well-being of everyone.

In an official internal announcement last spring, the company confirmed that senior management is promoting an organizational approach focused on wellness. Management stated that Lussier Dale Parizeau’s executives and managers are committed to doing everything necessary to improve the quality of life of employees in the context of their professional activities and that the success of such an approach essentially rests on two major principles: management commitment and employee involvement.

To support this major “health shift”, the company offered its employees the chance to participate in a major event: the Grand Défi Entreprise Pierre Lavoie. This initiative encouraged many members of the organization to adopt better lifestyle habits through an accessible and unifying activity. The motivation of the participants is the essential characteristic of the GDE Pierre Lavoie.

The organization is proud of the remarkable involvement of its employees. The organizers are delighted with the results: they succeeded in motivating and empowering employees to take responsibility for their health, and they did it in a fun way!

The organizers would also like to underline the sustained involvement of the Pierre Lavoie EDG logistics team and all the collaborators who made this particular edition  (virtual for the first time) a success in every way!

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