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Holiday Home Decorating Tips

Lussier Dale Parizeau | December 17, 2020
From glittering houses to lit-up gardens, the festivities and its share of sparkling garlands are undoubtedly back!

If, after decorating your tree, you also want to adorn your home and yard with holiday lights, here are a few tips to simply the process.


Always use waterproof and outdoor garlands that are specially designed to withstand the weather. Place them as high as possible and away from the gutters and to prevent water or snow from seeping into the sockets, place the bulbs upside down.


Who hasn’t had to deal with tangled garlands? Besides being tedious, they can be dangerous; by twisting and mixing them in all directions, the wires can get damaged and generate a short circuit. If there are too many knots, consider changing your garland.


The same applies to defective bulbs: replace them. Sometimes we don’t bother to replace the burnt-out bulbs because the rest work well and our decorations remain beautiful. However, these broken bulbs could actually cause a malfunction in the whole system.


Be careful not to accumulate extension cords by connecting several garlands and other electrical decorations repeatedly. Also, avoid overloading your power strip.



Before going to bed or before leaving your home, turn off all lights. As a general rule, never leave your Christmas decorations on unattended.



Moreover, it is strongly recommended not to leave your garlands on for an extended period of time. A stopwatch will take care of turning your garlands on and off during the time you will have programmed. Look on the bright side: you will save on your electricity bill!


To avoid damaging your home, insulating tape and plastic pliers are your allies, rather than nails, screws or staples, which will leave unsightly holes and may even damage the outer casing of electrical wires and cause a short circuit.


Here is a beautiful example of a well-lit house that was decorated by one of our employees, Fabienne Leunens!

Her house, with its magnificent decorations, was chosen by the city of Terrebonne for “1 of the 10 favorites” of the neighborhood.

Happy Holidays!

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