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Total Rewards – Innovation, Performance, Mobilization and Recognition

The Specialized Human Resources Services Team | September 10, 2020
At Lussier Dale Parizeau, we believe that, when strategically orchestrated, total rewards is a whole that must be greater than the sum of its parts. An important vector of mobilization and organizational performance, the balance of your monetary and non-monetary offer is essential to your success as well as to the development of your team members.

Today, we are pleased to present the distinctive elements of our total rewards offer.

Total Rewards Consulting Services

Base Pay and Salary Structure

Creating competitive and flexible salary structures that adapt to the reality of your organization allowing you to attract, motivate, develop and retain qualified and high performing employees

Bonus Plan and Incentive

Designing short and long term incentive plans that complete your global offer and support the attainment of your strategic objectives


Pay Equity Compliance

Review of your situation with respect to the requirements of the Pay Equity Act. Conducting the initial or maintenance exercise to ensure your organization’s legal compliance

Performance Management and Salary Review

Creating tools to assess, in a structured manner, the performance of each member of your team in order to determine their merit increase


Market Competitiveness Assessment

Benchmarking studies and recommendations related to the competitiveness of the various components of your compensation package.

Simulation Tools and Budget Planning

Implementation of management tools that will allow you to plan in advance the financial impact related to direct or indirect compensation in your organization and which may result from internal or external factors

Compensation Policies

Defining a compensation strategy and guiding principles that will link your business goals to the management of your human resources



Implementation of a strategy and communication tools that promote the investments made in your human resources and that will allow you to distinguish yourself in order to attract, motivate, develop and retain qualified and efficient resources


Understanding the basics of Total Rewards



Daily Administration

Varied support in connection with individual situations and involving compensation components



We invite you to contact us if you have any questions regarding Total Rewards.

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