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Women and Philanthropy at Lussier Dale Parizeau

Journee internationale des femmes | Innover pour transformer | Lussier Dale Parizeau
Lussier Dale Parizeau | March 8, 2019
Lussier Dale Parizeau, an insurance and financial services firm, is a company founded on values such as integrity, excellence, team spirit and innovation. The century-old firm has always been implicated in supporting its employees and customers to achieve their goals, taking into account their specific needs. The firm deeply feels the need to give back to the community in order to promote collective wealth.

The company’s experienced team of employees invests in charitable organizations; such is the case of two highly admired business women within Lussier Dale Parizeau. Located in two different regions and implicated in two different business lines, the following women share the same goals of contributing to the common good and investing in the community.

On this International Women’s day, here are the stories of two female leaders at Lussier Dale Parizeau who bring Lussier Dale Parizeau’s values to life through their involvement and their philanthropic commitment:


Rosa Vani, Vice President, Senior Account Executive and Marketing Manager, began her career at Lussier Dale Parizeau 40 years ago. Through her knowledge, dedication and commitment, she has achieved great things throughout her time at the firm. Highly respected and appreciated by her clients, Mrs. Vani is a woman who is very committed to humanitarian causes; she has been highly involved with the Defi Canderel since its inception almost thirty years ago.

Since 1989, the Defi Canderel, an annual event that raises awareness and collects sums to fund cancer research, has raised over 16 million $ for the Goodman Research Center at McGill and Université de Montréal’s cancer institution.  

Rosa Vani, a breast cancer survivor, acts as Lussier Dale Parizeau’s team captain every year. For her, supporting this cause is one way to contribute to cancer research.

This year, the Défi Canderel will take place on May 9th 2019 in Montreal. Lussier Dale Parizeau is proud to sponsor this year’s event, as it has for the last 30 years.

For her part, Sylvie Lambert, Vice-President – Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region, has worked at Lussier Dale Parizeau for the last 25 years. Very active in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, she cares deeply about both the satisfaction of customers as well as the well-being of the employees in her region.

This year, Mrs. Lambert was honorary co-president of the Fondation du Centre de Maria-Chapdelaine’s fundraising campaign in Dolbeau. Through her implication, 245,000$ was raised, allowing the hospital to acquire equipment in order to improve health services for the people of Lac-Saint-Jean. Lussier Dale Parizeau has commited, over a five-year period, to donate 40,000$ to the foundation.

Because supporting humanitarian causes and community organizations is part of the company's social and civic approach, Lussier Dale Parizeau is proud to support many organizations throughout Quebec. The health of individuals and the well-being of families and children are philanthropic causes in which Lussier Dale Parizeau has always invested. The fact that women represent them is a great source of inspiration and motivation for the employees of Lussier Dale Parizeau and the women of Quebec.
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