Business Insurance

No matter what industry you’re in, your business faces potential risks on a daily basis. How much will it cost you if a customer sustains an injury in your store? Or if your merchandise is stolen? Or even worse, your business is damaged by fire?

Business insurance not only protects your organization from risks: It also ensures its long-term survival.

Support from a team with know-how

Even though risks are unavoidable, you can minimize their consequences – by being prepared! How? Just call one of our insurance brokers.

LUSSIER is one of the leading insurance brokerage firms of Québec businesses. Over the years, we’ve honed our expertise in different industries. We’ve also established partnerships with the largest insurers in the country. Our brokers have been trained to advise you about the best insurance products that are perfectly adapted to your company’s reality!

For more information about LUSSIER business insurance, please contact one of our brokers at 1 855-LUSSIER.