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Insurance Industry

Car accident, water infiltration, theft of valuable goods – unfortunately it’s impossible to expect the unexpected. Thankfully, there’s an ideal solution to protect you from these situations, and it’s called insurance!

There are several dozen insurance companies in Quebec alone. How do you choose the right insurer and products when you have so many choices? Just call Lussier Dale Parizeau, the leading brokerage firm in the province!

Having acquired Dale Parizeau Morris Mackenzie in September 2014, Lussier Dale Parizeau sets itself apart by its ability to meet all financial security needs of its clients.

Our Life and Health Insurance and Financial Services department offers a comprehensive range of products and programs in life insurance, personal savings, group insurance and specialized plans for businesses, groups and professional associations.

Broker – an Added Value

Direct insurers are focused on selling their products, whereas we – as a brokerage firm – are first and foremost concerned with satisfying the needs of each of our clients.

Our job consists in analyzing their circumstances, contacting insurers, and identifying the best option for them on the market, which requires:

  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Empathy and listening skills
  • Desire to help and advise clients with care
  • Curiosity and good communication skills

Thanks to their expertise in speciality markets, our brokers and advisors set themselves apart – be it for instance in commercial lines, personal lines, risk management, surety bonds, car insurance, boat insurance, life insurance or retirement savings.

With Lussier Dale Parizeau, clients are guaranteed to receive advice from experienced brokers.

From Quote to Claim

A broker’s or financial advisor’s job isn’t over after advising you and finding you the right insurance product. Your broker is an indispensable long-term partner who will continue to recommend the best solutions for you according to your changing needs – when you move, purchase a new property or vehicle, start up or expand a business, give birth, etc.

And when you need to make a claim for any reason, your Lussier Dale Parizeau broker will work closely with you until you receive your compensation.

Lussier Dale Parizeau has a team of claims adjusters whose mission is to investigate the claims and negotiate settlements on behalf of some insurers, to compensate clients so that they can go on with their lives, and it requires:

  • Observation skills and critical thinking
  • Empathy and listening skills
  • Ability to compromise

You can rely on Lussier Dale Parizeau brokers for their support and advice!