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How it works

A risk is the probability of an event having a negative impact (accident, fire, flood, etc.). There are many kinds of risks, some that are negligible, and other that cannot be ignored and can have major financial consequences. There are many ways of minimizing these risks – but the best way is to purchase a good insurance coverage!

Insurance mitigates risks

It is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of a loss or incident in your home, business or car.

Very few people have the financial means to cover damage to, or loss of, their most precious possessions.

This is why insurance companies have developed a process to protect you against risks – without breaking the bank.


Assess the risks
First you need to properly identify any risks you may be facing. Our insurance brokers can help you with this step, by assessing the value of property you wish to insure and the risk of damage.


Identify the best coverage for your needs
Depending on the type and value of your property, as well as your preferences, our brokers will tell you which insurance coverage is right for your specific needs.


Finance your risk through your insurance policy
Once the analysis is complete, your premium is calculated. The amounts you pay for your insurance premium help us to cover you financially in the event of a claim.


This process is formalized as an insurance policy, which is actually the contract between the insurer and the insured. Your coverage details, including all compensation provided for, limitations and exclusions can be found in this contract.

To learn more about insurance terminology, please refer to our glossary.




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