Disability Management

Disability Case Management
Increasing well-being while controlling costs

At Lussier Dale Parizeau, we are committed to giving you the tools you need to help guide our clients through the various situations that may arise in terms of disability.
In a context where managing absences resulting from disability is one of the greatest challenges facing employers, we offer you a complete management of your disability files.
Our experts will take the time to accurately and proactively evaluate your files in order to establish an action plan in order to accelerate a prompt return to work.
In this type of service, we act as a third party, which fosters a climate of trust between you and your employees. You therefore benefit from our expertise while keeping your costs under control.

Program Objectives

Provide support to the employer throughout the disability process

Neutral and with the knowledge and experience in disability management, our specialists will
be able to present the employer with various strategies that can be applied to promote a quick
and sustainable return to work.

Reduce disability time and related costs

By taking the time to analyze a file from the beginning of the disability, by asking the right
questions and by being proactive in its management, we avoid a latent state of the file, we
impact the duration of the disability and we limit the associated costs:
    • Direct costs: employee’s salary, training costs, costs related to short and/or long term
      disability insurance, costs related to drug and paramedical care insurance, professional
      and medical expertise fees as required.
    • Indirect costs : Decreased productivity, impact on service, presenteeism, increased
      turnover, deterioration of work climate, job dissatisfaction, work overload, pressure on

Maintain communication with the employee and support the employee through the administrative and medical process of the file

An employee on disability can easily feel abandoned and misunderstood. By establishing, at
the outset of the disability file, the roles and responsibilities of each person and explaining
the steps in the process, the employee will feel confident and understand the actions taken
by the employer, which will facilitate cooperation throughout the process. Having a third
party involved takes away the stress and anxiety generated by the disability process for the

Promoting a sustainable return to work

Very often, following a prolonged absence, the employee could be apprehensive about
returning to his or her work environment. What accommodation options will be available,
how to offer a work performance that will meet expectations. It is therefore essential to
prepare not only the employee but also the employer for this return to work. A few simple
steps should not be overlooked, such as setting up and communicating a structured returnto-
work plan, planning a pre-return-to-work meeting and regularly monitoring progress in
order to adapt the initial return-to-work plan if necessary. By being listened to, supported and
respected, the employee will feel more confident and fears on both sides will be minimized,
thus promoting a sustainable return.

Program Steps

1. Reception of the employee’s file and any relevant information to the management of the file

2. Phone interview with employee
• Duration of Disability by Employee and Physician
• Treatment plan, approximate duration
• Referral to a specialist
• Functional limitations

3. Implementation of an action plan
• Treatment referral
• Medical expertise and surgery in private clinics
• Tripartite meeting in progress
• Return-to-Work Facilitation Meeting

4. Phone follow-up with the employee after medical visits
• Health status update
• Suggestion of a phased return plan
• Date of next appointment

5. Monthly review of files with the employer*
• Discussion in order to establish the next steps in each of the files (future follow-up,
possibility of return to work (regular, gradual return), labour relations, employee
motivation to return to work, etc.).
* when necessary

6. Transfer of the file to long-term disability insurance*
• Assist all parties in completing the documents related to the application for
long-term disability insurance and ensure the transfer to the insurer.
* when necessary