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Financial Planning

Wondering if your personal financial situation is optimized and meets your goals?

Financial planning takes many financial and fiscal parameters into account, and touches on various aspects, such as your estate and risk management. Once your financial situation has been analyzed, a recommendation will be made, taking into account your goals and capabilities.

Your financial plan will allow an optimal use of your assets during your lifetime and ensure they are passed on efficiently upon death.

Want to plan your finances? Talk to one of our financial security advisors! They will help you choose the best strategy for your current situation.




5 reasons to choose Lussier Dale Parizeau

  • 1

    Peace of mind
    Our brokers and financial security advisors have a solution for every situation that takes into account your age, your occupation and your personal needs to protect your quality of life and your financial stability.

  • 2

    Our service
    Your Lussier Dale Parizeau broker is at your service every step of the way, from quote to claim.

  • 3

    Competitive costs
    Thanks to our vast network of insurers, your Lussier Dale Parizeau broker can help you get you the best coverage and make the best investments to safeguard your assets and your lifestyle.

  • 4

    One-stop shop
    Save time and avoid insurance overlaps by entrusting your personal insurance and investments to a broker that knows you well.

  • 5

    Isn’t it reassuring to deal with a prestigious and stable firm that has been standing by its clients’ side for decades?

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