HR Assistance

Human Resources Assistance (HRA) is a simple and flexible approach integrated with the group insurance consulting services that you already benefit from under your service agreement with us. Supporting your global human resources management strategy, HRA provides access to a multitude of specialized services such as disability case management, total rewards, occupational health and safety, and labour and employment law.

A Tailored Solution

With 3 consultations of a maximum of 3 hours combined, HRA will give you access to one of our dedicated HR experts, at all times, who will be able to offer you solutions to respond to various situations related to the management of your human resources. This complementary service is ideal for obtaining a diagnosis of your HR function, consulting services on a particular file or for accessing the tools/reference documents that you may need.

Privileged Access

Should your needs evolve and require more support, our flexible intervention models will allow you to continue your experience with us through HR Membership or through our specific consulting services, interim management or total or partial outsourcing of your HR activities. You will thus benefit from continuity of services with resources that you know well and that are familiar with your files.

Benefit from a holistic approach to the global management of your human resources with Lussier Dale Parizeau.

Our Areas of Expertise

Disability Case Management

Total Rewards

Occupational Health and Safety

Labour and Employment Law