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Overhead Insurance

Financial health and management of small and medium businesses often relies on the owner’s daily involvement. Should they become incapacitated as the result of an accident or sickness, could the company continue to operate and pay for its ongoing expenses?

Disability Insurance vs. Overhead Insurance

Overhead Insurance is tailor-made for freelancers and business owners whose daily presence is needed for the company to thrive.

Disability Insurance can provide for their personal financial needs and that of their family while recovering, but it is not sufficient because it does not cover costs incurred by the company during their absence.

This is precisely what Overhead Insurance is for – covering all these expenses during the time of recovery.

Professional expenses are covered in the owner’s absence

Overhead Insurance is designed to keep your company afloat, covering professional fees, rent, taxes, and utility bills, among other things.

It covers all expenses required to operate a small business. The owner can rest and focus on their own recovery, knowing that their company’s financial health is taken care for by this insurance.

Since this insurance is vital to anyone who is elf-employed, premiums are a tax-deductible business expense.

Because each situation is unique, Lussier Dale Parizeau’s financial advisors are here to guide you towards the insurance coverage that will meet your needs.




5 reasons to get an insurance from Lussier Dale Parizeau

  • 1

    Peace of mind
    Our brokers and financial security advisors have a solution for every situation that takes into account your age, your occupation and your personal needs to protect your quality of life and your financial stability.

  • 2

    Our service
    Your Lussier Dale Parizeau broker is at your service every step of the way, from quote to claim.

  • 3

    Competitive costs
    Thanks to our vast network of insurers, your Lussier Dale Parizeau broker can help you get you the best coverage and make the best investments to safeguard your assets and your lifestyle.

  • 4

    One-stop shop
    Save time and avoid insurance overlaps by entrusting your personal insurance and investments to a broker that knows you well.

  • 5

    Isn’t it reassuring to deal with a prestigious and stable firm that has been standing by its clients’ side for decades?

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