Labour and Employment Law

Whether you need a legal opinion or representation in court, our team of labour and employment lawyers and industrial relations advisors can help you. 

Labour and Employment Law Consulting Services

Contractual Drafting/Interpretation

• Employment contracts
• Non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure clauses/agreements
• Releases
• Agreements and Transactions (TAT files)

Legal Opinions

• Questions relating to the application of the various labour laws (LNT, LATMP, LSST, labour code)
• Guiding disciplinary decision making
• Redundancies
• Discrimination in hiring, discrimination in employment, reasonable accommodation

Representation Before the Civil Courts

• Negotiation and/or contestation in tribunal of the statements of offence issued by the CNESST
• Monetary complaints following termination of employment
• Judicial review of the decisions rendered by the TAT
• Advice and support in the preparation of cases before the Small Claims Division of the Court of Québec

Representation Before the Administrative Labour Tribunal (Labour Relations Divison)

• Conciliation and/or hearings regarding:
– Complaint against dismissal without just and sufficient cause
– Prohibited practice complaint
– Complaint for psychological and/or sexual harassment

Representation Before the Administrative Labour Tribunal (SST Divison)

• Conciliation and/or hearings regarding:
• Eligibility of a claim (industrial accidents, occupational diseases, relapses or aggravations)
• Disputes involving medical issues (diagnosis, date of consolidating of the injury, adequacy of care or treatment, impairment, functional disability)
• Rehabilitation (worker’s ability to perform his or her job, suitable employment, etc.)
• Applications for cost sharing (handicaped worker as defined in the Act)
• Account assignment transfer requests (files whose Imputation transfer applications creates an injustice)
• Applications for review or revocation of decisions rendered by the TAT

Representation at the CNESST

• Targeted interventions with decision-makers
• Conciliation in collaboration with the Mediation Service
• Hearings before mediators/decision makers (complaints of illegal sanctions)

Global Strategy for SST Files

• Analysis of files at all stages:
– Eligibility of the claim
– Rehabilitation
– Financing (sharing and transfer of benefit costs)
• Assessment of imputation issues
• Adapted and innovative solutions to protect your experience record, in conjunction with
your occupational health and safety advisor
• Privileged access to specialized resources (medical and actuarial)


• Proactive management of occupational injuries
• The TAT – Conciliation and hearings: how to optimize your resources
• Findings of Offence and Criminal Negligence