Occupational Health and Safety

Do the level of your occupational health and safety contributions seem high to you? Would you like for the efforts made to prevent work-related accidents to be recognized? 

Occupational Health and Safety Consulting Services

Service and Intervention Models

All of the services offered by Lussier Dale Parizeau can be offered as a specific consulting mandate, interim management or by total or partial outsourcing of your human resources activities.

Accident Record Management

Support from an occupational health and safety advisor in the management of your work accident files.

• Determine the actions to be taken in the files
• Provide advice to your company in case management strategies
• Encourage the return of your workers through temporary assignment
• Responsible for the follow-up between CNESST and your company

Prevention Mutual

Consisting of a group of employers who choose to engage in a process to promote the prevention of occupational injuries, the rehabilitation and return to work of injured workers, with a view to benefiting from occupational health and safety rates that reflect their efforts, as defined by the CNESST. The advantages of being part of the prevention mutual:

• access to a team of occupational health and safety experts;
• assistance in the management of work accident files;
• annual visit by an occupational health and safety prevention advisor for the creation
of an action plan;
• reduction of CNESST membership fees.

Work Accident Prevention

Identify the risks and corrective measures to be implemented within your company. In this way, you ensure compliance from a legal and regulatory point of view. This is done using the method advocated by CNESST, i.e. “Identify, Correct and Control”.

• Workplace visit by a prevention, health and safety advisor.
• Drafting of a visit report containing the risk elements and suggestions for corrective measures
to be implemented.
• Support from an occupational health and safety prevention advisor for the implementation of corrective measures.

Health and Safety Policies

Development of different occupational health and safety policies in relation to the different activities carried out and according to the risks identified within your company. The policies are designed to comply with the various occupational health and safety standards, laws and regulations. Drafting of policies such as:

• occupational health and safety;
• working at heights;
• working in confined spaces;
• Psychological or sexual harassment in the workplace and handling of complaints;
• etc.

Compliance Audit

Analysis of your company’s occupational health and safety documentation, workplaces and culture.

• Complete audit of the premises in order to detect non-compliance.
• Analysis of all health and safety documentation including: prevention program, policies,
regulations, procedures, certifications, etc.
• Audit of the health and safety culture through questionnaires, meetings with key employees
and continuous observation.
• Development and presentation of an action plan.
• Establishment of a timetable for the implementation of the action plan.


Understand the different aspects of occupational health and safety. To do this, we have a complete training catalogue on the subject, including the following training courses:

• Claims process at CNESST
• Roles and Responsibilities of OHS Supervisors
• Reasonable Accommodation
• Work at height
• Work in confined spaces
• Lockout and machine security
• On-the-job trainer
• Investigation and analysis of accidents at work
• Management of subcontractors
• Etc.

Actuarial Services

The following services are available and can be adapted to your needs: 

• Actuarial evaluation of the financial impact of your claims.
• Analysis of the impact on your CNESST contributions when selling, buying or merging companies.
• Support for the declaration of the wage bill.
• Analysis of your classification and jurisdiction at CNESST.
• Analysis of employer groupings and recommendations for the best pricing regime at CNESST.
• Analyze and make financial projections under the CNESST retrospective plan.
• Proceed with the calculation of the per-claim limit election and estimates of retrospective
adjustments (CNESST budget/cash flow) for retrospective plan employers.
• Financial analysis of plans in other Canadian provinces. 

Medical Expertises

Our team of doctors is available to provide the medical expertise you need to manage
your workers’ compensation or disability files.

Investigation: Harassment in the Workplace

Intervention of an investigator when a complaint of psychological or sexual harassment is filed. The investigator will carry out all of the steps involved in managing a complaint, i.e:

• meeting with the parties involved in the complaint;
• analysis of the situation;
• writing a report;
• finding a solution to the problem;
• presentation of the conclusions of the investigation.