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Home Insurance - Tenant

You are a tenant and wondering why you should get insurance since your landlord is already insured?

Well, in this case, your landlord’s insurance only covers the building. Now, a Tenant Insurance covers your personal property, your living expenses, but most of all your civil liability.

Just think about everything you would have to buy again in case of a burglary or a fire: furniture, appliances, electric and electronic equipment, clothes for all seasons, dishes, and jewellery and valuables.

And even if you are responsible, clumsiness happens! Tenant Insurance also covers your civil liability.

Civil Liability coverage covers property damage and bodily injury the insured has caused by accident to a third party: a gulf ball going the wrong way; an object dropped from the balcony; an innocent gesture having serious repercussions – all good reasons to protect yourself against a civil lawsuit. Without insurance, you will have to dig into your savings – do you have several thousand dollars set aside just in case?

Living expenses coverage cover temporary accommodation expenses if your home suffers a covered loss and becomes uninhabitable.

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Types of Coverage

  • Basic Compulsory Coverage

    Lussier Dale Parizeau’s Tenant Insurance is always offered with a choice of coverage – Basic, Broad or Comprehensive Form.

    • Civil Liability
    • Property Insurance
  • Optional Coverage and Specialty Programs

    • Replacement Cost with no obligation to rebuild your house or replace your property in case of a loss
    • Legal Insurance
    • Homeworker
    • Insurance for in-ground/above-ground pool, spa and sauna
    • Valuables
    • Secondary or seasonal residence
    • New homes under construction
    • Minor or major renovation work
    • Water damage
    • Oil leak
    • Earthquake
    • Luxury home – First Class by Lussier Dale Parizeau
  • Aladdin program as an addition to your home coverage

    • Telephone assistance
    • Home assistance
    • And a lot more!

Tenant Insurance discounts


    Discount if you haven’t made any claim in the last 5 years


    Discount if your home is equipped with an alarm system


    Discount if we also insure your car

5 reasons to get an insurance quote from Lussier Dale Parizeau

  • 1

    Get an even better rate if you haven’t made any claims in the last 5 years.

  • 2

    Save on your premium depending on your occupation or if you are retired.

  • 3

    Save if you insure both your car and your home with Lussier Dale Parizeau

  • 4

    Benefit from the service of our very own claims adjusters, who will handle your claims conveniently by phone or in person.

  • 5

    Deal with a broker with a 96% client satisfaction rate after making a claim!

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