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Credit Insurance

Accounts receivable are often one of the most important assets of a business. What if one or several customers were no longer able to pay you? 
Unfortunately, these situations can occur at any time! This is why you need to be covered for this risk. Our brokers specialized in Credit Insurance at Lussier Dale Parizeau are here to help you.

Protect your business against risks in a fast-paced world!

Lussier Dale Parizeau’s Credit Insurance protects your business against the risk of non-payment from your customers in Canada and abroad. Enjoy our professional and personalized service while protecting your working capital, your bottom line and the financial stability of your business.

Did you know?

  • On average, commercial debt amounts to 40% of a company’s assets.
  • Changes in foreign legislation limitating imports can be implemented at any time and are hard to predict.
  • 25% to 50% of non-payments come from longstanding stable clients.
  • Several high-profile bankruptcies in the automotive, textile and agribusiness industries, and even in the municipal sector, showed that even trusted companies may one day face financial difficulties leading to an inability to pay.

There are many benefits to Credit Insurance:

  • Mitigated risks: Coverage of up to 90% of losses due to client bankruptcy or non-payment
  • Improved financing: Give your credit insurance in warranty to your bank to get better terms
  • Boosed sales: Safely grow your sales and grant better terms of payment
  • Improved credit management: Use your insurer’s credit rating expertise to optimize your credit management policy

For more information on Credit Insurance provided by Lussier Dale Parizeau, contact your broker or our Credit Insurance Account Executive.




Here are 5 reasons to choose Lussier Dale Parizeau

  • 1

    Expertise: Our team of specialized brokers has a solution for every situation that takes into account the size of your business and the specificities of your industry.

  • 2

    Our service: Your Lussier Dale Parizeau broker is at your service every step of the way – from quote to claim – and will ensure that you benefit from the many advantages that come from our large business volume.

  • 3

    Competitive costs: Thanks to our vast network of insurers, your Lussier Dale Parizeau broker can offer you the best coverage at the best rate.

  • 4

    One-stop shop: Save time and maximize your ROI by entrusting your personal insurance and investments to a broker that knows you well.

  • 5

    Leadership: Isn’t it reassuring to deal with a prestigious and stable firm that has been standing by its clients’ side for decades?

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