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Declaration of Past Offences and Cohabitation Cases

Declaration of Past Offences

Did you know that everyone is required to declare their criminal record – and the record of the people with whom they live – to their insurer? Being transparent will help you

  • avoid delays
  • or prevent voiding your insurance policy and having your claim denied – even if the claim has nothing to do with the offence committed.

If you live with someone with a criminal record, you should also declare it, because it is a key factor in your insurer’s appraisal of the risk.

By being transparent, you will avoid finding yourself at the heart of an unpleasant legal battle in the event of a claim!


In Case of Cohabitation

Did you know that if you live with someone who has a criminal record, a bad driving record or any other kind of prior conviction, you should declare it to your insurer? In other words, if your spouse has been pardoned for an offence, or if your child has a bad driving record, you should mention it because it will have an impact on your Home or Car Insurance policy.

Declaring these risk factors is necessary to ensure the validity of your insurance contract. In fact, if you do not declare them and file a claim following a fire in your home, and your insurer uncovers one or more of these risk factors during standard checks into your file, they could void your contract ab initio. They will reimburse you any insurance premiums you have paid, but your claim will not be processed.